Studiopie is the label of freelance illustrator Marieke Middendorp, hi that's me! I live in Groningen, Netherlands and have two kids and a webshop.


I'm passionately creative, self-made and I love honest and authentic materials and products. I grew up in a entrepreneur family, so this feels like my natural habitat.


I love the proces of illustrating, product development and then selling the handmade stuff. I'm inpired by the power of imagination and I like to add something quirky in my work.


Besides being a small business owner, and my etsyshop, I made an ever expanding collection of birth cards for, take commissions and even had the honour to draw some tattoos. I gave workshops for kids, did the logo for, designed a playground animal that's been build in Namibia and much more. 


Studiopie loves to work together and is a strong believer in 1 + 1 = 3. Want to know more about me? Please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

























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